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Established in 1958, Holt Tree Spades has built a solid reputation as a tree spade manufacturer. Our company is known all over Alix, AB for our quality standards and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our tree movers have been supplied all over the globe. If you seek a quality tree spade that is built to last a lifetime, you should come to us!

What Services Does Our Company Offer?

Tree Spade Manufacturing

Tree Spade Manufacturing
Do you have a tree on your property that you want to relocate to another place? Contrary to popular opinion, moving trees is far from impossible. Still, it is a complicated and tiring process if you do it manually. On the bright side, Holt Tree Spades is a tree spade manufacturer that can help you relocate your tree quickly and efficiently, regardless of its size. Our company specializes in quality tree spade building. Our options can help you save your trees from getting cut down or damaged when they obstruct building sites or anything else. Our spades are built from high tensile steel that hardens with each use, allowing you to enjoy your innovative tool for years to come.

Tree Spade Selling

Tree Spade Selling
Are you looking for a quality tree spade for your project? Our company is here to help – we have many a tree spade for sale, all available at affordable prices. Visit our physical location in Alix, AB today. One of our knowledgeable representatives will help you learn more about our tools. They will also gladly help you choose a tree mover for your project. Our company has over 60 years of experience in the industry, and we boast confidence and expertise that few other businesses in the area can compete with us. What makes us stand out is our never-ending tree spade options and the extreme durability of our tools.


The Benefits of Using Tree Moving Equipment

While it is undoubtedly possible to move and replant a fully grown tree without using modern equipment like tree spades, they certainly make the process much easier. If you have ever tried to transport a tree from one place to another, you undoubtedly know it is a tricky process. Luckily, by using an excavator tree spade, you can make the process simpler.

Sadly, traditional tree relocation methods often end up in disaster for the tree itself. More often than not, trees do not survive the whole process, as labourers often damage the rooting system extensively while digging. By using a tree spade, on the other hand, your tree is likely to survive 95% of the time.

Why Work With Our Company

Invest in experience, invest in quality, invest in working with a professional tree spade service provider like our company! Our company is pleased to offer each and every customer free estimates. We are also ready to give you our professional advice and assist you when purchasing your new tree moving equipment from us. Our spades have been used all over the world. Our company is synonymous with durability and quality craftsmanship. Do not hesitate to purchase a tree spade from us because we know that you will appreciate the item you receive!

Covering Additional Areas

Holt Tree Spades offers many different tree moving tools, including skid steer tree spades and excavator spades. While we primarily work with customers in Alix, AB, we are more than happy to welcome clients from the following additional areas:

  • Clive, AB;

  • Bashaw, AB;

  • Stettler, AB;

  • White Sands, AB;

  • Rochon Sands, AB;

Contact one of our representatives today by phone if you wish to obtain more detailed information regarding our tree moving equipment.

Client’s Testimonial

by Jack L. Phillips on Holt Tree Spades
I'm Impressed!

I was looking to purchase a tree spade, as I wanted to move one of my Limber Pine trees. I found your company online and bought a spade from you. You are a tree spade manufacturer who knows their job because your moving equipment helped me finish the job quickly!

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